The Stomper


Sample crusher with set of mortar and pestle for samples in RINO® tubes or 5 mL Axygen® tubes.


The Stomper

For dry grinding agricultural samples in the Bullet Blender®!

With the Next Advance Stomper, you can crush tough material in seconds, with no cross-contamination. Use it with the Bullet Blender homogenizer* to process samples like soybeans, shells, and corn! Have a tough dry sample you need to grind? Contact us for protocols and recommendations!

    Step 1: Place your sample in the tube.
    Step 2: Stomp it.
    Step 3: Add grinding beads and homogenize in the Bullet Blender. Your sample will be a fine powder in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Can accommodate 5 mL Axygen tubes and 1.5 mL RINO tubes
  • Quick and easy. Stomping only takes a few seconds
  • Disposable pestle shield prevents cross-contamination

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