Primary Syringe Heater Kit


For heating the liquid inside a syringe – useful with a Syringe Pump. Included is the control unit and a primary heating pad with temperature sensor.

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Primary Syringe Heater Kit

  • Heat one or more (up to 16) syringes to 100°C*.  Requires the syringe heater model HEAT-S on each additional syringe.
  • Digitally set the desired temperature.
  • Temperature setting is stored in memory.
  • Uses 120VAC. For use in countries with higher AC voltages, a power adapter (step down transformer) that reduces the voltage to 120VAC is required.
  • Heating wrap does not interfere with syringe pump.
  • Heater pad is 75 mm x 75 mm.
  • Syringe Heater Kit includes controller, cable, and primary syringe heater pad.
  • Quick and simple setup.

*Allows heating up to 200°C with factory modified syringe pumps. Write or call for details.

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