TubeSpin® Bioreactors 50 mL (box of 320)


TubeSpin Bioreactors 50 mL is a 50 mL vessel used for bacteria, yeast or suspension cell cultures.

TubeSpin Bioreactors 50 mL

TPP® TubeSpin Bioreactors are ideal for the high throughput screening and optimization of suspension cell system process development. Process development and media optimization can be finely controlled by means of cap holes that can be selectively sealed to achieve maximum cell yield and output.

TubeSpin Bioreactors are also ideally suited for the culture of bacteria, yeast, and other microbiological organisms in suspension. The simple, disposable format offers convenience and time-savings over traditional glass vessels which must be washed and autoclaved before each use. Provide agitation in a shaking incubator – perform hundreds of cell cultivations quickly and efficiently in parallel.

  • Cap holes can be selectively sealed to optimize growth conditions
  • 0.22μm hydrophobic cap membrane minimizes evaporation, maintains sterility and facilitates gas exchange
  • No internal stirring mechanism- minimizes cell shearing, no foam formation
  • Sterile, certified nuclease, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free
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