New RoboRocker™: Ideal for 3D cultures and use in incubators

We are excited to announce the launch of the RoboRocker™, an accurate, easy-to-use programmable rocker that can do most anything: pause for any duration, travel at speeds very fast or very very slowly, pulsatile motion, and different motion in the opposing direction. It is ideal for perfusion of pumpless 3D cell and organoid culture systems and is versatile for other applications as well.

The platform tilts to the programmed angle, pauses for the desired time, from seconds to hours, and then moves to the reverse tilt angle or another desired tilt angle. Rigorously tested to work in your cell incubator, the RoboRocker is ideal for mimicking in vivo flow, including unidirectional shear flow and pulsatile flow.