The RoboRocker: Programmable Rocker - Pause, Fast, Ultra Slow

Ideal for Incubators, 3D Cultures, and Specialized Applications

The RoboRocker is ideal for microfluidic 3D cell and organoid culturing. Program the speed, tilt angles and pause times. This allows gravity driven perfusion at the desired flow rate and duration in several culture plates simultaneously

For applications such as immunostaining of whole tissues or organoids, the RoboRocker offers very gentle, slow rocking, where each rocking cycle could take minutes (or even hours if so desired). You can control the tilt angle, speed, and even pauses, all from the control panel. This allows maximum interaction time between the tissues and the staining reagents with gentle movement/rocking to enhance the signals from staining reagents without causing damage to the tissues or detachment of the samples. 

The RoboRocker tilts to the programmed angle, optionally pauses for the desired time, from seconds to hours, then moves to the reverse tilt angle or another desired tilt angle. The RoboRocker is ideal for maintaining a constant flow rate of media/fluids for microfluidic platforms in cell culture incubators. It is versatile for other applications as well.

Unique Functionality

It can do anything!

The RoboRocker can travel very fast, or very very slowly. It can travel to a steep angle in one direction, but just a shallow angle in another. It can also stop at other angles along the way. It can pause at any of those angles if desired, for just one second, or many hours. It cannot predict the weather, but we’re working on it.

Extensive Programmability

Set any combination of speeds, angles, and pause times.

The RoboRocker has programmable speed, tilt angle and pause times. Just use the touch screen to set the tilt angles, dwell or pause times, and rates of travel. The RoboRockers can be programmed to travel gently to up to 4 tilt angles, pause (or dwell) at each angle from one second to many hours, then travel to the next tilt angle. The travel rate can be quick or extremely slow. Typical applications include microfluidic organoid and 3D cell culture, in which the culture medium flows by gravity from one reservoir, perfuses through the cell culture, to a collection reservoir, with the tilt angle reversing before the reservoir is empty to reuse the culture medium. Up to 6 custom programs can be stored!

Super User Friendly

Designed for CO2 incubators, touch screen programming, slots for culture plates.

The RoboRocker can be used in CO2 incubators, which is ideal for many applications. Programming and operation are simple with intuitive controls on a large graphics touch screen. The RoboRocker can store up to 6 programs. During operation, the screen displays the status. This includes the current angle, time, and the number of completed cycles. The platforms have slots or “docks” for culture plates. The docks can be removed to allow room for non-well plate sized items. The power brick can be kept outside the incubator so that only a thin power cord needs to go through the seal or a port in the incubator. 

Note: See our Infinity Rocker™ for traditional rocking applications.

RoboRocker™ Models

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