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The RoboRocker … accurate programmable tilt platform

The RoboRocker™ is a programmable tilt platform designed for microfluidic culture applications and other applications in which a device needs to be tilted from one angle to another, and either dwell at those positions or even travel very slowly from one tilt position to the next.


The RoboRocker is programmable. Just use the touch screen to set the tilt angles, dwell or pause times, and rates of travel. The RoboRockers can be programmed to pause (or dwell) at a particular angle for one second or many hours, travel from one tilt position to the next in seconds or at extremely slow speeds. Typical applications include microfluidic organoid and 3D cell culture, in which the medium flows by gravity from one reservoir to the next. By controlling the tilt angle, the flow rate can be set. By programming the tilt angle to change slowly over time to compensate for deceasing liquid level in the source reservoir, the flow rate can be maintained at a fairly constant rate.

Digital Tilt Control

The RoboRockers have a microcontroller to accurately control the angular position and rate of tilt.

Two Platform Sizes

RoboRockers come in models with platforms with either 4 or 6 microplate “parking docks”. The plates can be stacked. For example, 12 plates can fit if stacked 3 high in 4 docks.

Stacking Trays

Stacking trays double the capacity.

Touch Screen

Programming and operation is simple with the large touch screen. The status including current angle and the number of cycles run are displayed on the color graphics screen.

2 Year Warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty because RoboRockers are solidly built in the USA. The rugged construction includes heavy duty chassis and platforms. Long life brushless motors drive the rocking. These rockers are designed to run for many years of continuous use.

Extremely Quiet Operation

The RoboRockers are incredibly quiet due to their high quality components.

Custom Sizes

Get a rocker that fits your needs! Upon request, rockers can be made to accommodate specific platform sizes and weights.

Rugged Construction

These very sturdy (and quiet!) rockers sport heavy-duty construction. A top grade brushless motor drives the rocking and ensures very long life.

Note: The RoboRocker can not rock quickly

See our Infinity Rocker™ for traditional rocking applications.