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The RoboRocker … accurate programmable tilt platform

The RoboRocker™ is a programmable tilt platform designed for perfusion of 3D cell and organoid culture systems. It tilts to the programmed angle, pauses for the desired time, from seconds to hours, then moves to the reverse tilt angle or another desired tilt angle. The RoboRocker is ideal for maintaining a constant flow rate of media/fluids for microfluidic platforms in cell culture incubators. Versatile for other applications as well.

Custom Programs

The RoboRocker is programmable. Just use the touch screen to set the tilt angles, dwell or pause times, and rates of travel. The RoboRockers can be programmed to travel gently to up to 4 tilt angles, pause (or dwell) at each angle for one second to many hours, then travel to the next tilt angle. The travel rate can be quick or extremely slow. Typical applications include microfluidic organoid and 3D cell culture, in which the medium flows by gravity from one reservoir, past the cell culture, to a collection reservoir, with the tilt angle reversing before the reservoir is empty. Up to 6 custom programs can be stored.

Optimum Size Platforms

RoboRockers, which are relatively compact to fit in incubators, come in models with two sizes of platforms, designed to hold either 4 or 6 microplate “parking docks”. The plates can be stacked. For example, 12 plates can fit if stacked 3 high in 4 docks. You can mount the platforms to tilt along the short or long axis. Stacking trays are available to double the capacity. Upon request, specific platform sizes can be made.

Touch Screen

Programming and operation are simple with intuitive controls on a large graphics touch screen. During operation, the screen displays the status including current angle and the number of completed cycles.

Note: The RoboRocker can not rock quickly

See our Infinity Rocker™ for traditional rocking applications.