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Checkit Go – Instant Evaluation for Liquid Handlers and Pipettes

New! Checkit® Go - Verify accuracy of pipetting in seconds

Engineered for Liquid Handling Robots and Multi-Channel Pipettes. Breakthrough technology gets the job done in seconds!

Checkit Go disposable cartridge instantly checks accuracy of liquid handlers and multi-channel pipettes

The Checkit Go is an easy-to-use, stand-alone, disposable cartridge that allows you to check the accuracy of your liquid handling robot or multi-channel pipette in just seconds. No additional equipment is required. The Checkit Go is interchangeable with well plates, so it works with all robots that handle 96 well plates. Compatible with all makes of multi-channel or electronic pipettes.

Fast and Convenient - verify up to 8 channels in seconds

This surprisingly simple device measures the dispensed volumes of up to 8 channels simultaneously. It is the size of a well plate, so you can use it in your robot, or on a lab bench, or anywhere. You’re done in under 10 seconds. That means no more trying to read a tiny droplet’s weight on a high-precision balance, and repeat for 7 more channels.

Accurate - directly measures liquid volume of your samples

The Checkit Go directly measures the volume of the liquid dispensed, not an indirect measurement of the weight or the color change of a liquid. In addition to being so quick and easy to use, the Checkit Go limits evaporation to negligible levels because the dispensed droplets are mostly encased in glass tubes within seconds. Measurements are guaranteed to be accurate to within 2% and typically better than 1%.

The Checkits can measure dispensed volumes of a spectrum of aqueous samples, including 10% solutions of DMSO, glycerol and ethanol, and other aqueous samples such as serum and plasma. This eliminates sources of error due to differences in viscosity or surface tension between your samples and concentrated dye or distilled water. Just reconstitute your test liquid in our red dye pellet. Why spend $30K on equipment that could introduce errors?

Easy to Use - no training required

Just aspirate the dye that is included. Dispense the dye into the wells on the flip tab of the cartridge. Flip the tab. Or let the robot flip the tab. Then watch the dye travel up the 8 channels, simultaneously. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the fun. And compare the level of the dye against the graduations. It’s that easy!

No more trying to read a tiny droplet’s weight on a high-precision balance. No training required. No need to learn to use expensive colorimetric systems. And you can record the measurement with a simple photo.

Cost-effective - no capital investment

The Checkit Go is a fraction of the cost of unnecessary calibration or experiments gone bad due to pipetting errors. It is a low cost disposable cartridge that works on its own. It shows the measured volume directly on the cartridge. Just compare the level of dye against the graduations, without any expensive balances or spectrophotometric equipment.

Reliable and Proven

The Checkit Go provides dependable and repeatable measurements across different automated liquid handlers. It is based on the same technology as the Checkit Pro which has been used throughout the world since 2017.

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SLAS2022 New Product Award Finalist


Daily confirmation

Validate the accuracy of your liquid handling robots or multi-channel pipettes daily or weekly.

Periodic measurement

Quickly and easily measure the accuracy of your robot or multi-channel pipette.

Alleviate concerns

Concerned that a robot or a pipette was misused or needs calibration? Just Checkit.

Download the Checkit Go brochure and white paper.


"Checkit is very easy and quick to use with excellent accuracy. Its design is modern, simple and self-explanatory." Zhongyuan Kan, University of Pennsylvania
"I was very impressed by how easy it was to use." Ramisa Fariha, Brown University