Lysis and Extraction

High Quality and High Yield Options

We provide the complete solution for top quality biomolecule isolation with high yields. Use our Bullet Blender® and Bead Lysis Kits for all your homogenization needs. Follow homogenization with biomolecule isolation using our extraction kits!

Bullet Blender® Tissue Homogenizer

The Bullet Blender® is recognized as one of the top homogenizers worldwide since 2006. It uses bursts of vigorous agitation rather than the incessant agitation technology of our competitors. It has the power to homogenize even the toughest of samples. Convection cooling is also a key feature in our homogenizers which preserves the integrity of your samples. 

Complete Targeted Lysis and Extraction Kits

The PrecisionPak™ combines our bead lysis kits with extraction kits. The pack includes all of the reagents needed for lysis and extraction, along with an optimized protocol developed by our experienced staff. In addition, these kits are targeted for your specific sample and desired biomolecule. For example, there is a specific kit for extracting RNA from mouse liver, which includes an optimized protocol and all the reagents you will need, including enzymes. 

Lysis Kits

Our bead lysis kits are developed to provide optimal homogenization facilitating the highest yields with the highest quality of biomolecule extractions. Most kits contain an assortment of beads to provide quick and thorough homogenization of every sample type.

Extraction Kits

The extraction kits are designed to isolate your desired biomolecule with quantity and quality in mind. They provide all the necessary buffers and enzymes needed for the extraction process. Kits include enzymes such as Proteinase K, DNase I, or RNase. We also include our FoamBlocker in certain kits to reduce the amount of sample foaming after homogenization. The addition of our FoamBlocker reduces spin down times and prevents loss of sample.

The nucleic acid extraction kits use magnetic bead technology to provide the highest yields and quality of your end product. Unlike spin columns, the beads can travel throughout the homogenate and interact with more biomolecules due to the high surface area. In addition, the magnetic bead technology allows batch processing of samples and does not require multiple centrifugation steps, thus leading to less processing time.