Checkit App and Recorder

Document the dispensing accuracy of your automated liquid handler

Our Checkit App for Android™ (iOS version coming soon), works with our Checkit Go cartridges to document the pipetting accuracy of your robot. Once the Checkit Go precisely measures the volume of liquid dispensed, use the Checkit App to document the test. You can then view or download a complete report, including statistical analysis of the liquid handler’s pipetting accuracy and precision, run to run and/or channel to channel.

The Checkit® Recorder is a handheld device dedicated for the app that is not connected to a cell phone network.

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Record the Checkit Go Test

Use the Checkit App on your phone or on the Checkit Recorder to capture images of the Checkit Go tests.  Just line up the phone or the Recorder as you would to remotely deposit a check. Next, tap the shutter button, and the information is stored by the Checkit App. The Checkit App knows which model Checkit Go you are using. It also captures the serial number of the Checkit Go cartridge.
Checkit Recorder shown with a captured image of Checkit Go with dispensed volume test.

Accurate Image Analysis

Once the image is captured, the Checkit App (or the Checkit Recorder) analyzes the image to precisely determine the volumes of liquid dispensed in each channel by the automated liquid handler. The data can be viewed in the app, as shown. Just as you can download photos from a cell phone, you can download the images, the data, as well as reports with the volume dispensed into each channel and averages and standard deviations for run to run and/or channel to channel. If you set pass fail criteria, it reports the passes and fails, too.

Thorough Test Reports

The Checkit App creates thorough test reports which you can view on the device or download to a computer.

The first time you set up for a routine test, create a template with information that will be pre-filled into every report for that test. Information can include the brand, model, and serial number of the robot and the pipette head, the pipette tips, and the software.

You can create as many templates as you want, so every type of test you perform can have its own template, saving you from entering repetitive information for each test. In addition, you can also set up user accounts with passwords.

The Checkit App creates thorough and useful test reports. In addition to the value of the dispensed volume of liquid in every channel, in every replicate, it also provides statistical analysis of every channel comparing values among replicates and analysis of every replicate comparing values among channels. 

The information that you included with your template will be pre-filled into your report. In addition, the report will include the date and time, the user, and the serial numbers of the Checkit Go cartridges. You can store a separate template for each routine test, where each template includes many fields of information to contain the brand, model and serial number or other identifying information for the robot, the pipette head, the pipette tips, and the software, as well as additional fields.

Target volumes and pass/fail criteria can also be included in the template so that the report will indicate whether each channel has passed or failed.

All fields in the template can be changed for an individual run, to accommodate particular conditions.

In summary, the Checkit App provides test reports which are very easy to set up and modify. They can include as much information as you can dream of including. The Checkit App and Checkit Go combination provides very accurate testing and thorough documentation for measurement and validation of automated liquid handler systems.

Note that the Checkit App currently works with the 5, 10, 20 and 50 µL Checkit Go models. However, at this time, it does not work with the new 1 or 2 µL Checkit Go models yet. So, you can use the Checkit App for tests from 2.5 µL, the low end of the range of the 5 µL model, up to 50 µL.

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