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Checkit Recorder

Document the dispensing accuracy of your automated liquid handler

The Checkit® Recorder works with Checkit Go to document the pipetting accuracy of your robot. Once the Checkit Go precisely measures the volume of liquid dispensed, use the Checkit Recorder to document the test. You can then view or download a complete report, including statistical analysis of the liquid handler’s pipetting accuracy and precision, run to run and/or channel to channel.
Checkit Recorder shown with a captured image of Checkit Go with dispensed volume test.

Use the Checkit Recorder to capture images of the Checkit Go tests.  Just line up the Recorder as you would a phone to remote deposit a check, tap the shutter button, and the information is stored on the Checkit Recorder.

Once the image is captured, the Checkit Recorder analyzes the image to precisely determine the volumes of liquid dispensed by the automated liquid handler. The data can be viewed on the Checkit Recorder, as shown. Just as you can download photos from a cell phone, you can download the images, the data, as well as reports with the volume dispensed into each channel and averages and standard deviations for run to run and/or channel to channel.

Checkit Recorder analyzes image of Checkit Go test.

The Checkit Recorder documents the results of Checkit tests of automated liquid handler and multi-channel pipette dispensing. Use it with the Checkit Go. Capture an image and the Recorder analyzes the image, providing accurate results. The data can be viewed on the recorder’s screen or downloaded along with images and a report of dispensed volume averages and standard deviations from run to run and from channel to channel. If you set pass fail criteria, it reports the passes and fails, too.

You can set up templates with memorized values such as the brand, model, and serial number of the robots, the software, pipette head and tips, and pass fail criteria by volume or percentage. You can set a target number of replicates. In addition, you can also set up users with passwords.

Note that the Checkit Recorder currently works with the 5, 10, 20 and 50 uL Checkit Go models. However, at this time, it does not work with the 2 uL Checkit Go model.