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  • Bullet Blender® – homogenizes tissue, plant matter, microorganisms and small organisms, and isolate single cells
  • Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® – for automated blot processing and gel staining
  • Checkit® Go – measure the dispense accuracy of your liquid handling robots or multi-channel pipettes in seconds
  • Pipette Checkit® – evaluates your pipette’s accuracy.
  • Quietek™ – the affordable rodent CO2 induction device designed to comply with the 2020 AVMA guidelines
  • Pressure Injection Cell – for packing LC-MS capillary columns or injection of samples into mass spectrometers
    without metal contact

We also look forward to the opportunity to customize any of our products to help you conduct your lab work. Find out more
about us and how we keep our prices low.


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