RoboRocker High Speed 750 series


Programmable RoboRocker RR750 series rockers are designed to travel at high speeds, such as for high shear flow for 3D cell and organoid culture systems.

Select the program features:

  • -Basic program: programmable speed, tilt angle, and pause. “Symmetric” program – same speed, tilt angle and pause times in both directions.
  • -Standard program: “Asymmetric” programming. Store up to 3 programs.

The RoboRocker High Speed 750 series rockers are able to travel at high speeds. It can burst to the desired angle. This is useful if you want high shear flow immediately, rather than “using up” culture medium while the culture plate is traveling to the steep angle. This model is geared for high speed. Positioning is very accurate but not as accurate as the 210 series RoboRockers.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in
Program Features

Basic (symmetric speed, tilt, pause), Standard (Basic + asymmetric programs, 3 stored programs, extreme slow option)