Freedom Rocker Troubleshooting

If nothing happens (all the lights are off and the display is blank)…

Check that the power is properly connected. If the wall transformer is plugged in all the way and the power line is plugged into the instrument, then either the wall outlet or the wall transformer is bad. Plug something else into the same wall outlet. Does it work? If so, then the power supply may be bad. Contact us for a replacement.

If liquid is not dispensed immediately after the pump is turned on…

The tubing could be empty and needed to be primed. If this is the case, the problem should not occur as long as the tubing does not fill up again with air.

If liquid is not dispensed or aspirated…

The caps could be too tightly screwed onto the bottles.  If this occurs, air is not able to enter or leave the bottles and equalize the pressure. Loosen the caps on the bottles. If not caught early, this could lead to tubes disengaging from fittings or leakage.


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