Rocker Troubleshooting

If the rocker is not turning on…

Check that the rocker is plugged in and that the power switch on the front of the instrument is turned on.If the unit still doesn’t turn on, shut the system off for 15 minutes to allow the electronics to reset. If the rocker does not turn on after this period, contact customer service.

If rocking stops intermittently…

Check that the rocker is not overloaded with too much weight. If it is not, the brushes in the motor of the Next Rocker may be worn out. We can refurbish the rocker for you, or if you have someone with excellent mechanical skills, you can order a motor or brushes from us (call or email us for more information) and replace it yourself.

If rocking motion is uneven…

Check that the rocker is not overloaded with too much weight and that the weight is distributed evenly across the rocker tray. If weight distribution does not appear to be the issue, the angle adjustment screw may need to be tightened. Check the back of the instrument to find the screw located on the cam.


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