Automated Processing and Washing of Gels, Blots, and Slides

Next Advance, Inc. announces the Freedom Rocker™. Put an end to babysitting your Southern, Northern, and Western blots, as well as immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridization slides. Protocols can proceed even people are working on other tasks. This quiet, self-contained laboratory rocker has a peristaltic pump to automatically transfer liquids into and out of trays on the rocker platform without the need for vacuum or gas connections. Other benefits include a compact design which uses only 10 inches of bench space, an intuitive user interface, a clearing rinse between washes for superior results, and the ability to recover expensive reagents, such as antibodies or stains. In manual mode, the Freedom Rocker™ rocks, aspirates, and dispenses liquids at the touch of a button.


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