Next Advance RINO tubes are now clear! Our goal was to provide a tube which allows better visualization of the homogenate – the plastic is now clearer. We are not planning any further modifications. As always, your success remains our main focus and so the tubes perform exactly as they have in the past. You will not need to modify your protocols in any way. We love hearing from our customers so if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please reach out.
New product – Magnetic Wand, for retrieving stainless steel beads from sample tubes.
Use TPP® 50 mL skirted tubes, for homogenizing samples in our Bullet Blenders and for the rest of your needs. Axygen has recently changed their 50 mL tube design, and their 50 mL tubes no longer stay sealed in the Bullet Blender®. So we now recommend TPP tubes. Why take chances? These higher quality polypropylene tubes are manufactured in fully-automated processes; they are manufactured, printed, and tested without contact with human hands, thereby reducing contamination risk. The printing of graduations and the screwing on of caps and testing of sealing is performed in a clean room, thereby further reducing contamination risks. They are also manufactured without plasticizers, mold release agents, or other impurities that may potentially leach into your samples. Contact us or your local distributor for special pricing through August.
Want to homogenize resilient samples in 5mL Eppendforf tubes?   Put the Bullet Blender® 5 E or  Bullet Blender 5 Gold, with 4C cooling, to the test!  These new models homogenizes up to 12 samples at a time in 5 mL Eppendorf® tubes. The Gold model, using dry ice, maintains samples at 4C. Process tough, rubbery samples such as tumor and skin in minutes. Process normal samples in seconds! For more information about the Bullet Blender 5 E or 5 Gold , contact us.
Resilient samples?  Put the Bullet Blender 5 E® to the test!  This new model homogenizes up to 12 samples at a time in 5 mL Eppendorf® tubes. Process tough, rubbery samples such as tumor and skin in minutes. Process normal samples in seconds! For more information about the Bullet Blender 5 E, contact us.
The Bullet Blender® 5 E homogenizer is now our most powerful homogenizer. Using the new Eppendorf 5 mL tubes it can homogenize samples, from soft to tough, even faster. It excels at homogenizing sinewy samples, such as hair and tendons.
The Quietek™ 1 is now available at a ridiculously low price. Act now to take advantage of this temporary price reduction.
To learn more about the Quietek euthanization system, click here.
The Quietek™ CO2 induction system for laboratory rodents ensures compliance with the 2013 AVMA guidelines without disrupting your laboratory workflow.
Designed by animal research facility managers and scientists, this easy to use, accurate system ensures that you correctly administer CO2 by automatically calculating gas delivery for your cage volume and desired fill rate.
RINO® tubes are Next Advance’s own brand of screw-cap tubes for the Bullet Blender® Gold (BB24-AU) and the Bullet Blender Storm (BBY24M). These 1.5 mL tubes are strong, durable, and contain an integrated rubber seal in the cap to provide an extra layer of protection against sample loss. To learn more about RINO tubes and how to use them in your Bullet Blender, click here.
Our new Gold model Bullet Blenders® hold samples near 4°C during homogenization. Yes, the samples are kept at 4°C within a couple of degrees. Powerful, consistent homogenization or cell lysis, high throughput, excellent value, and now, 4°s;C cold. Hot introductory pricing now in effect. Life is golden.
Next Advance has introduced their most powerful high-throughput homogenizer. The BULLET BLENDER® STORM is ideal for homogenizing the toughest samples, including mouse femurs and teeth, cartilage, tumor biopsies, plant samples and skin. As the latest addition to their family of high quality, best value Bullet Blenders, the Storm is the strongest and fastest Bullet Blender model available. Isolate protein, RNA, DNA or viable cells and bacteria from your samples. The BULLET BLENDER® STORM homogenizes samples as large as 300 mg in standard microcentrifuge tubes. Up to 24 samples can be homogenized at a time, typically in 3 minutes or less. Bullet Blender homogenizers provide high yields and consistent results while the unique, patented design limits heating to just several degrees and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination during homogenization.
Bead Lysis Kits are now available for more convenient homogenization of your samples.  The Next Advance team has formulated bead combinations that have been optimized for specific sample sizes and toughness.  We aliquot precise volumes of the bead combinations into microcentrifuge tubes for consistent results and labor savings.  Use our new improved protocols to find the Bead Lysis Kit that will work best for your sample.  RNase-free kits available.
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