Cool and Consistent Homogenization

Next Advance, Inc. announces the Bullet Blender® Blue. Based on the same patented technology as its predecessor, the Bullet Blender®, it gently and effectively breaks cell membranes and/or homogenizes tissue samples, in up to 24 sealed microcentrifuge tubes in parallel. This new model is called “BLUE” because it uses Air Cooling™ to keep the samples even cooler during processing, especially when processing multiple rounds of samples. Because it processes multiple samples in parallel, in just minutes, results are consistent, reproducible, and cost effective. The processing can be tailored to a wide range of samples, from cell cultures to tough tissue such as leaves, hair, and cartilage, by using different beads, agitation settings, and durations. It is also convenient for vortexing multiple samples for several minutes, such as for phenol chloroform extractions. About as loud as a coffee grinder, it runs much quieter than a sonicator. Samples remain in separate sealed tubes, without any intrusive probes that could contaminate your samples. Its ease of use and price make the Bullet Blender® Blue an easy choice for mixing, cell lysis or homogenization!


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