Homogenize with TPP 50 mL Tubes

Use TPP® 50 mL skirted tubes, for homogenizing samples in our Bullet Blenders and for the rest of your needs. Axygen has recently changed their 50 mL tube design, and their 50 mL tubes no longer stay sealed in the Bullet Blender®. So we now recommend TPP tubes.

Why take chances?

These higher quality polypropylene tubes are manufactured in fully-automated processes; they are manufactured, printed, and tested without contact with human hands, thereby reducing contamination risk. The printing of graduations and the screwing on of caps and testing of sealing is performed in a clean room, thereby further reducing contamination risks. They are also manufactured without plasticizers, mold release agents, or other impurities that may potentially leach into your samples.

Contact us or your local distributor for special pricing through August.


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