Powerful Homogenizer Built for Tough Samples

Next Advance has introduced their most powerful high-throughput homogenizer. The BULLET BLENDER® STORM is ideal for homogenizing the toughest samples, including mouse femurs and teeth, cartilage, tumor biopsies, plant samples and skin. As the latest addition to their family of high quality, best value Bullet Blenders, the Storm is the strongest and fastest Bullet Blender model available. Isolate protein, RNA, DNA or viable cells and bacteria from your samples. The BULLET BLENDER® STORM homogenizes samples as large as 300 mg in standard microcentrifuge tubes. Up to 24 samples can be homogenized at a time, typically in 3 minutes or less. Bullet Blender homogenizers provide high yields and consistent results while the unique, patented design limits heating to just several degrees and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination during homogenization.


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