Sterile Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5 mL (RINO®) 500/case


Clear RINO® brand 1.5 mL screw-cap microcentrifuge tubes with caps for Bullet Blender Storm® and Bullet Blender Gold® model microcentrifuge style Bullet Blenders®. Use with a RINO lid gasket. Sterile & RNase free.

Sterile Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5 mL (RINO)

New and improved clear 1.5 mL RINO screw-cap microcentrifuge tubes, box of 500, for use in the Bullet Blender Gold (BB24-AU) and Bullet Blender Storm (BBY24M) models. Not only are these tubes made of a special extra tough polypropylene material for vigorous homogenization, but now they’re more transparent for even better visualization of your samples.

Pack of 500, Sterile & RNase free. Use only with RINO lid gasket. RINO tubes should not be centrifuged at speeds higher than 14,000 RCF with beads inside, as the weight of the beads can cause the tubes to leak. For more information email customer support or call 1.518.674.3510 x2.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 3.5 in