Sterile 50mL Centrifuge Tube (HIPPO™) 325/case


Skirted screw-cap 50mL HIPPO™ tubes with caps. Sterile, RNase & DNase free.

Sterile 50 mL Centrifuge Tube (HIPPO)

These HIPPO™ brand skirted, self-standing 50 mL tubes are ideal for use in our 50 mL Bullet Blender® models, including the 50 Gold (BB50AU), 50 Gold+ (BB50AUP), and 50 DX (BB50DX) models. We branded these HIPPO™ tubes because they can hold a lot and are tough, like a hippopotamus. The caps remain tightly sealed on the tubes, even after vigorous agitation. Pack of 325. Sterile. DNAse, RNAse, and pyrogen free.