Syringe Pump FAQ

For programming instructions, please visit the Programming page.

What size syringes can I use in the pump?

It is recommended that you use syringes 0.5µm to 60cc in size. The pump can hold a syringe up to 140 cc, but can only open up to about 120 cc lengthwise. The exception is the SP-1800, which can hold syringes up to 10cc.

What is the maximum rate of the pump?


Model Maximum Rate
SP1000 2100 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP 1010 7635 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP 2200 7630 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP1600 1385 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP1800 392 ml/hr with a 10 cc syringe
SP300 1500 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP500 / SP501

2100 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe
SP510 / SP511 7635 ml/hr with a 60 cc syringe


Can I use a glass syringe with the pump?

The pumps come equipped with a Guide Rod Collar Clamp for use with fragile syringes. When the clamp is set in place it will cause the pump to stall before any pressure can be put on the syringe.

Can I use the syringe pump for mixing two solutions together?

Yes. You can use pump that holds multiple syringes (SP2200, SP1600 or SP1800). An alternative is to use a dual pump program, where two pumps are operated simultaneously with a secondary pump mirroring the primary pump. For this function, accessory cable CBL-DUAL is required. Please note that for applications requiring high-precision pumping of two syringes in tandem (e.g., some microfluidics applications), a multi-syringe pump is recommended. Having multiple syringes under the control of a single motor ensures smoother flow.

Can I set up syringe pumps for continuous pumping?

Yes. You can use a reciprocating pump program so that two pumps can be used together to create a continuous infusion system. For these functions, accessory cable CBL-DUAL is required. This mode allows one pump to infuse as the other withdraws. In Reciprocating Pumps Mode, the secondary pump must be left in its default communications setting of Address Mode. See the documentation with CBL-DUAL for more detailed information.

Can I use a computer to program my pump?

Yes. Syringe Pumps can communicate with any computer or device with an RS-232 communications port. You can directly control one or more pumps from a computer, including setting the pumping rate, direction and volume. PUMPTERM is a free terminal emulator program that allows communications with the syringe pump. Click here to download free pump terminal emulator. Communications with computers requires the CBL-PC accessory cable. Note: The SP500 and the SP510 units come with the CBL-PC.

What else can I use to control my pump?

Using the TTL logic control interface on the pump, you can connect it to a foot switch to start, stop, or trigger the next phase on your syringe pump. While the pump is controlled by these sources, you can put the pump in “lockout” mode in order to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to the settings. “Lockout” mode can be accessed by pressing the “Diameter” key while turning on power to the pump. “P-L.n” will be displayed. When “n”=1, it is on. For more information about using the Foot Switch (FTSW), see the Syringe Pump user manual.

What is the difference between the SP300 “Just Infusion” pump and the others? What functionalities does it not have?

The SP300 “Just Infusion” syringe pump can infuse, but it does not have the capability to withdraw. The SP300 also doesn’t have computer interface capabilities and you cannot program a set volume to be dispensed. The SP300 does have the ability to keep track of the volume dispensed.


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