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Bullet Blender Features

Bullet Blender® Gold Models with 4°C Cooling

The Bullet Blender Gold model Bullet Blender combines dry ice cooling to keep samples at 4°C, insulation to keep homogenization quiet, and extra-powerful homogenization to give you the excellent results.

  • Samples kept at 4°C
  • Quiet

Features in all Models

  • Agitation: Vigorous agitation at a range of frequencies and in multiple directions, for thorough homogenization of even the toughest samples.
  • Capacity: Process up to 24 samples in 1.5 mL tubes, 12 samples in 5 mL tubes, or up to 8 samples in 50 mL tubes.
  • Cooling: Air Cooling™ (all models except the basic Bullet Blender) reduces heating up of samples with ambienat air. Sample tube oscillation in open air ensures good convective cooling.
  • Easy To Use: Just set the speed and time and press start.
  • Speed Control: Adjustable to handle gentle vortexing to homogenization of bones.
  • Worldwide: Power supply can be used anywhere worldwide.
  • CE Certified: All models are CE certified.
  • Risk Free: 2 year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Made In The USA


3 Key Advantages

Air circulating through the Bullet Blender

1. Samples stay cool.
“Gold” models keep samples near 4°C.

An opened Bullet Blender with someone placing tubes inside

2. Easy to use.
Simply load standard tubes with sample, beads, and buffer.

A corner view of the Bullet Blender

3. High value.
Costs less due to its elegant, innovative and reliable design.