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Bullet Blender Protocols

Before you start. Please read the General Guidelines before using the Bullet Blender® in any application.

Download our User Guide. It contains instructions on using the Bullet Blender, preparing samples including procedures for special cases, bead selection, and special considerations.

Need help? E-mail our tech support at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Share protocols! If you have developed a protocol with the Bullet Blender that is not listed on this page, please share it with everyone! E-mail it to us at [email protected] or send it using our support form and we’ll review it and add it to our list of protocols.

PLEASE NOTE: The protocols used with the Bullet Blender are different than protocols used with other bead-mill homogenizers. Protocols for other bead-mill homogenizers will not work with the Bullet Blender. Does the protocol use a different kind of bead than the type you currently have? Click here for pricing and ordering.