Bullet Blender Protocols

Before you start. Please read the General Guidelines before using the Bullet Blender® in any application.

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PLEASE NOTE: The protocols used with the Bullet Blender are different than protocols used with other bead-mill homogenizers. Protocols for other bead-mill homogenizers will not work with the Bullet Blender. Does the protocol use a different kind of bead than the type you currently have? Click here for pricing and ordering.

Animal tissues

Sample nameMicrocentrifuge tube models5 mL tube models50 mL tube models
Aortic tissueSmall Aortic tissue samplesMedium-size Aortic tissue samples
BladderSmall Bladder samplesMedium-size Bladder samplesLarge Bladder samples
Blood (dried)Small Blood (dried) samples
Blood (fresh)Small Blood (fresh) samples
Blood vesselsSmall Blood vessels samplesMedium-size Blood vessels samples
BrainSmall Brain samplesMedium-size Brain samplesLarge Brain samples
Cancer tissue (carcinoma)Small Cancer tissue (carcinoma) samplesMedium-size Cancer tissue (carcinoma) samples
Cerebrospinal fluidSmall Cerebrospinal fluid samples
Ear punchSmall Ear punch samples
EpitheliumSmall Epithelium samplesMedium-size Epithelium samples
EyeSmall Eye samplesMedium-size Eye samplesLarge Eye samples
Fat or Adipose TissueSmall Fat or Adipose Tissue samplesMedium-size Fat or Adipose Tissue samplesLarge Fat or Adipose Tissue samples
GallbladderSmall Gallbladder samplesMedium-size Gallbladder samplesLarge Gallbladder samples
HeartSmall Heart samplesMedium-size Heart samplesLarge Heart samples
IntestineSmall Intestine samplesMedium-size Intestine samples
KidneySmall Kidney samplesMedium-size Kidney samplesLarge Kidney samples
LiverSmall Liver samplesMedium-size Liver samplesLarge Liver samples
LungSmall Lung samplesMedium-size Lung samplesLarge Lung samples
Lymphatic tissueSmall Lymphatic tissue samplesMedium-size Lymphatic tissue samples
MeconiumSmall Meconium samplesMedium-size Meconium samplesLarge Meconium samples
Mouse FemurSmall Mouse Femur samplesMedium-size Mouse Femur samples
Muscle (Striated)Small Muscle (Striated) samplesMedium-size Muscle (Striated) samplesLarge Muscle (Striated) samples
Organs (for bacterial extraction)Small Organs (for bacterial extraction) samples
PancreasSmall Pancreas samplesMedium-size Pancreas samplesLarge Pancreas samples
PharynxSmall Pharynx samplesMedium-size Pharynx samples
SkinSmall Skin samplesMedium-size Skin samples
Skin (Pig)Small Skin (Pig) samplesMedium-size Skin (Pig) samples
SpleenSmall Spleen samplesMedium-size Spleen samplesLarge Spleen samples
StomachSmall Stomach samplesMedium-size Stomach samples
Tail snipSmall Tail snip samplesMedium-size Tail snip samples
TestisSmall Testis samplesMedium-size Testis samples
ThymusSmall Thymus samplesMedium-size Thymus samples
ThyroidSmall Thyroid samplesMedium-size Thyroid samples
TracheaSmall Trachea samplesMedium-size Trachea samples
Umbilical cordSmall Umbilical cord samplesMedium-size Umbilical cord samples
UterusSmall Uterus samplesMedium-size Uterus samplesLarge Uterus samples

Dried grains, seeds, etc.

Sample nameMicrocentrifuge tube models5 mL tube models50 mL tube models
Alfalfa seedsMedium-size Alfalfa seeds samples
Almonds (shelled)Medium-size Almonds (shelled) samples
Barley grainsMedium-size Barley grains samples
Corn kernels (dried, dent corn)Medium-size Corn kernels (dried, dent corn) samples
Mung beans Medium-size Mung beans samples
Onion (seed) Medium-size Onion (seed) samples
Pine nutSmall Pine nut samples
Rice grains (dried hulled)Small Rice grains (dried hulled) samples
Sap (dried)Large Sap (dried) samples
Soybean (dried)Medium-size Soybean (dried) samples
Spelt grainsSmall Spelt grains samples
Sunflower seeds (with shells)Medium-size Sunflower seeds (with shells) samples
Tomato (seed)Medium-size Tomato (seed) samples
Wheat berriesSmall Wheat berries samples

Medicines, hair, powders, etc.

Sample nameMicrocentrifuge tube models5 mL tube models50 mL tube models
Feathers (vanes and down)Medium-size Feathers (vanes and down) samples
HairSmall Hair samplesMedium-size Hair samples
Pills (tablets)Large Pills (tablets) samples
Powdered compoundsSmall Powdered compounds samples

Soils and sediments

Sample nameMicrocentrifuge tube models5 mL tube models50 mL tube models
Deep sea sediment (dried)Medium-size Deep sea sediment (dried) samples


Sample nameMicrocentrifuge tube models5 mL tube models50 mL tube models
Breakfast Cereal (Cheerios)Small Breakfast Cereal (Cheerios) samples