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Bullet Blender Cooling

4°C Cooling™ and Air Cooling™ in The Bullet Blender®

Samples stay cool in Bullet Blender Gold during homogenization
Bullet Blender Gold homogenizers contain an integrated 4°C Cooling™ system, which keeps your samples at 4°C (within two or three degrees).The Bullet Blender monitors how hard the motor is working to know how much colder to keep the air in the sample tube chamber so that your samples are at 4°C.

Bullet Blender Gold model homogenizers contain a 4°C Cooling™ system, which keeps samples at 4°C.

To use 4°C Cooling, fill the side compartment of the Gold model with dry ice. When the instrument is running, cold air will blow past the sample tubes. Air circulation will adjust according to homogenization conditions, maintaining the samples near 4°C. If dry ice is not used, ambient temperature air blows past the sample tubes. This Air Cooling™ reduces the heating of the samples.

Many other Bullet Blender homogenizers are equipped with Air Cooling, which draws air into the Bullet Blender, keeping your samples near ambient temperature. This feature is particularly effective if your samples are sensitive to heat and you are using your Bullet Blender in a refrigerator or a cold room. The Air Cooling is also useful for preventing the inside of your Bullet Blender unit from heating up if you are running several consecutive homogenization cycles. Air Cooling is included on Blue and Storm microtube model Bullet Blenders and in all 5 mL and the 50 mL tube models.

Cooling options in the Bullet Blender