Complete Lysis and Extraction Kit

The PrecisionPak™ offers a streamlined, customized solution for very high quality and high yield biomolecule extractions from many sample types. The PrecisionPak™  bundles together the bead lysis kits with the extraction kits and a customized step-by-step protocol, optimized for your specific sample. It also includes additional reagents that you would typically have to purchase separately for higher quality biomolecules, such as a reagent to digest DNA from RNA samples. This means that all the necessary components to homogenize tissue samples and isolate specific biomolecules from the homogenates are now available in one single package. Additionally, we also provide optimized protocols to make it easy for you!

  The lysis kits in the PrecisionPak are available in 1.5mL screw cap and snap-cap tubes for Bullet Blender homogenizers, and 2 mL screw cap tubes compatible with most other brands of homogenizers. The extraction kits are selected for high quality results and ease of use. For example the RNA and DNA kits use magnetic bead technology and avoid organic solvents. The custom protocols are optimized and specific for your specific sample, to make it easy for you to obtain great results. 

PrecisionPak includes lysis and extraction kits, custom protocol and reagents for higher quality

Each PrecisionPak includes Lysis and Extraction Kits, a custom protocol and additional reagents that normally users need to obtain separately for improving quality.

Why Choose the PrecisionPak™?

Superior Yield and Quality

The magnetic bead technology isolates high quantities of nucleic acid. Because of the high surface area of the beads in suspension, more biomolecules are able to bind. Unlike a packed column, the free-floating beads mix with the nucleic acids in the homogenate where maximum binding can occur.

Additional reagents for high quality yields, that you typically need to purchaes separately are included in the kits: Proteinase K, RNase A (in DNA isolation kit), DNase I (in RNA isolation kit), and FoamBlocker. The result is high quality DNA or RNA product.

Optimized Protocols

We provide protocols that have been developed and tested for your specific application. Bullet Blender® speed and time settings are optimized to avoid DNA degradation for high quality product. In-house data is available and reflects the quality of the kits. See our sample protocols for Mouse Bone – PrecisionPak DNA Lysis and Extraction Protocol and Drosophila – PrecisionPak RNA Lysis and Extraction Protocol!

Comprehensive Kits

The PrecisionPak provides everything you need: all the buffers and reagents and the protocol for high quality and high yield. The PrecisionPak includes  additional enzymes such as Proteinase K to facilitate tissue digestion and RNase A (in DNA extraction kit) to remove the contaminating RNA and DNase I (in RNA extraction kit) to remove the contaminating DNA. The kits also include an optimized protocol.

Save Time

Use of magnetic beads instead of spin columns eliminates the need of multiple centrifugation steps, which is both tedious and time-consuming. Our magnetic rack system enables you to batch process up to 8 samples in a rack. The magnetic field can be applied for wash steps and removed for binding steps, without the samples tubes ever leaving the rack. This saves time and provides convenience.

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Select a Kit

We have over 1400 different PrecisionPak kits, each one tailored to a specific application. Contact us, let us help you select the PrecisionPak kit, or click on the animal or small organism link below to get to list of kits, or just order a kit and let us know what the application is.

Animal Tissue

We currently offer PrecisionPak kits for isolating DNA and RNA from animal (mouse, rat, rabbit, frog, goat, pig, sheep, cow) tissue:

Adipose, Adrenal Gland, Aorta, Bladder, Blood Vessel, Bone, Brain, Cartilage, Cecum, Colon, Cranium, Diaphragm, Duodenum, Ear, Epithelium, Eye, Feces, Fish Organs, Gallbladder, Genital Warts, Heart, Hypothalamus, Intestinal Mucosa, Intestine, Jaw, Jejunum, Kidney, Larynx, Liver, Lung, Lymph Node, Marrow, Meconium, Mouse Femur and Tibia, Muscle, Nasal, Olfactory Mucosa, Oropharynx, Pancreas, Peritoneal Macrophages, Pharynx, Pituitary Gland, Placenta, Polyp, Salivary Gland, Skin, Spleen, Stomach, Tail Snips, Teeth, Testes, Thalamus, Thymus Gland, Thyroid Gland, Tongue, Trachea, Tumor, Umbilical Cord, Uterus, Wound Tissue

We have PrecisionPak kits for isolating DNA and RNA for many small organisms:

Caterpillar, Crayfish, Crickets, Fruit Fly (Drosophila), Honeybee, Hookworm, Mosquito, Nematode (B. xylophilus), Plankton, Roundworm (C. elegans), Shrimp, Ticks, Zebrafish (D. rerio), Zooplankton, Xenopus Tissue

Plants, Microorganisms

The range of kits is expanding rapidly, with kits for isolating proteins and kits for plants and microorganisms coming soon.

Tube Sizes

Kits are available for the Bullet Blender in:

  • 1.5 mL snap cap GATOR™ or Eppendorf® tubes
  • 1.5 mL screw cap RINO® tubes

and for other brand homogenizers in:

  • 2 mL screw cap tubes

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