PrecisionPak Features

Choose Your Bead Lysis Kit

Lysis kits are tubes that are prefilled with beads combinations that are optimized for specific kinds of samples. Wide variety of kits available for different sample types.

Choose Your Extraction Kit

Isolate your desired biomolecule from the tissue you are working with. Optimized protocols are provided for specific sample types.

Foam Blocker

Control access frothing or foaming of samples during homogenization with our anti-foaming agent. This product is included in certain PrecisionPaks where lysing buffers produce lots of foaming.

Includes an Optimized Protocol

Protocols are available for your specific sample type. This includes Bullet Blender speed and time settings and the proper lysis kit to be used with your tissue type.

Magnetic Bead Technology

Our DNA and RNA PrecisionPaks utilize magnetic bead technology to isolate high quality and high yield product.


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