Checkit Go measures liquid handler pipetting accuracy

Use the Checkit system to measure the dispensing accuracy of robotic liquid handler systems in just 10 seconds. With our Checkit Recorder, periodically validate your of automated liquid handler with your sample liquids. It precisely measures the volume for a variety of liquid classes that a robot will typically dispense. The Checkit Go is available in several models, covering a range of 1 to 50 µL. Each cartridge comes with dye in distilled water. Lyophilized dye pellets, available separately, can be suspended in your sample liquid, so you can use the Checkit Go with a range of liquid classes. Unlike colorimetric methods or gravimetric methods, you are not limited to using viscous dye liquids or distilled water which your robot may not dispense in the same volumes as your sample liquids. Use our hand held Checkit Recorder to document your validation tests.

Checkit Go 50 uL

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