Bullet Blender® Testimonials

“We love our blenders, after hand homogenizing 20-30 tissues everyday, for about 20 years we now could not live without them.”
Shari Kohut, Kaleida Health Women & Children’s Hospital Laboratory

“We use the (Bullet Blender) to homogenize C. elegans tissue, and it has proven to have the ability to homogenize the tissue much better than anything we have used in the past. As a result, the reproducibility of our experiments has increased drastically. We really couldn’t be happier with the functionality. Also, thanks to the team at Next Advance for OUTSTANDING customer service.”
Wes Edmonds, University of Alabama Birmingham

“We’ve seen this thing in action. It’s amazing.”
Nancy Faith, University of Wisconsin – Madison

“We have been getting a lot of use out of our Bullet Blenders, and we still love them! They do a great job homogenizing for us, and save our techs from repetitive motion injuries, and help with time management. We love them!”
Chantry Clark, ARUP Laboratories

“Our throughput doubled because I was able to get twice as many samples prepared with the Bullet Blender than a spice grinder.”
Josh Sutherland, Simplot

“I’ve used the Bullet blender several times. It’s a good and consistent product. It’s been really helpful to me in my western blot lysates preparations. I took lungs from 10 normal mice. Using info from the well-detailed website, I figured out how much lysis buffer and beads to add. My first experiment was fantastic, I did a protein concentration assay and my standard deviation was very low between the 10 samples.”
Stacy Hubbard, Pharmacology Researcher

“… we are very happy with the Bullet Blender. I have already recommended it to a friend who does similar work. We are isolating live Helicobacter pylori from rodent stomachs. H. pylori is a fragile, fastidious organism, so if we can efficiently recover live bacteria then I’m sure it will work for many other bacteria and tissues.”
Dr. Traci Testerman, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport

“It’s a very useful device for making tissue lysates. We no longer use sonication for DNA, RNA and protein preparation from multiple tissue samples.”
Prof. Michael Sherman, Boston University School of Medicine

“What I’ve found is that the instrument works very well, is faster than the Bead Beater, accommodates more samples and is considerably quieter… [I] get consistently uniform cell breakage.””
Dr. Joseph Geisberg, Harvard Medical School

“We use the Bullet Blender to disrupt mycobacteria and different types of gram-negative bacteria for a variety of applications and are very happy with the results we get.”
Martin Pavelka, Ph.D., University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry

“I love the Bullet Blender! We work on the mouse model for chlaymdia and often have to remove the uteri from the mice…..I used it the other day and was amazed how well it homogenized the tissue. We can do 24 samples in just 5 minutes-amazing. What use to take us hours we can do in just 5 minutes.”
Cheryl Champion, Ph.D., Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UCLA

“I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Everything about this product is wonderful. The price and quality are exceptional … after I used it, I tended never to use other methods if not necessary.”
Weiqin Chen, Ph.D. Georgia Health Sciences University

“The Bullet Blender lets us reduce variability and user error and increase productivity.”
Dr. Scott Gridley, Director of Protein Sciences, Blue Sky Biotech, Inc., Worcester, MA

“Using the Dounce homogenizer, I can process eight tumors in an hour and a half. With the Bullet Blender, I can homogenize twenty in fifteen minutes.”
Dr. Alejandro Adam, Albany Medical Center, New York

“We used to use a mortar and pestle grinder and it took hours and hours and hours to homogenize our samples. The Bullet Blender has increased our throughput tremendously.”
Dr. Christopher Ward, University of Maryland

“The Bullet Blender homogenizes our samples so well, our protein yield is almost too good.”
Dr. Donna Newman, North Carolina State University

“That machine is a lifesaver! … It worked out so well, we’re contemplating purchasing a second one.”
Dr. Lou Casta, Fraunhofer USA

“…the results are great! … We have run it on the Agilent chip and the RNA integrity numbers (RIN) are 10 and 8.6 for both of the samples.”
Phuong Nguyen, Research Assistant III, Translational Genomics Group, Baylor Health

“The Bullet Blender has made our clinical lab much more efficient; we get consistent results in less time. We cannot imagine going back to hand vortexing for our whole blood extractions.”
Kimberly Dumont, supervisor, Dartmouth Reference Lab

“We like our Gold homogenizer very much, by adding dry ice, we can blend hard tissues longer without heating them, so it is ideal.”
Dr. Alexandra Naba, Research Scientist, MIT


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