Dropped Pipette? Don’t Take Chances

Check it with the Checkit

Keep the Pipette Checkit® in the lab for instant confirmation of pipette accuracy. Especially useful if your pipette has been dropped, cleaned, or borrowed. Don’t take a chance when you’re setting up an experiment with precious samples or expensive reagents. Do your experiments with confidence knowing that your pipettes are delivering accurate volumes.

The Checkit lets you instantly verify your pipettes’ accuracy wherever you are! No more trying to read a tiny droplet’s weight on a high-precision balance.

Pipette Checkit

Easy to use – takes seconds!

Simply pipette up the provided liquid, dispense it into the correct well, flip it up, and check it. Watch this video to see just how quick and easy the Checkit is to use.


  • Easy, user friendly operation
  • Easy to read markings indicate volumetric accuracy
  • ISO 8655 calibration standards indication
  • Elegant design
  • Minimal evaporation
  • Made in the USA

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