Checkit Pro Features


  • Simple, user friendly operation
  • Easy to read markings indicate volumetric accuracy
  • Measure accuracy at the top, middle and bottom of the pipetting range
  • Available in 7 models to accommodate various pipette volumes
  • ISO 8655 calibration standards indication
  • Dye used is conveniently included right within the cartridge
  • Minimal evaporation of dye prior to reading results
  • Elegant design
  • Made in the USA

Brief Intro to the Checkit

Use the Checkit® – Because You Never Know Where Your Pipette Has Been

3 Key Advantages

Scientist using a Checkit in the lab

1. Convenient.
Wherever, whenever! Get instant, easy verification of a pipette’s accuracy.

A pipette draws red liquid from the Checkit reservoir

2. More accurate than 5 digital balances for low volumes.
Be confident that your pipettes are delivering accurate volumes.

3. Do your experiments with confidence. Because you never know where your pipette has been!

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