Freedom Rocker BlotBot FAQs

Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® FAQs

Can the Freedom Rocker BlotBot work in labs in other countries?

Yes. A wall transformer will convert the voltage from your wall outlet to 12V DC for the Freedom Rocker. Select the proper voltage when you order your instrument.

How much room does the BlotBot require?

The BlotBot 120 requires 15 inches (37 cm) of lab bench, models 240 and 248 require 21 inches (53 cm). The bottle for wash buffer can be placed behind or to the side of the BlotBot, or even on a shelf above or below the lab bench.

What is the minimum volume of reagent or antibody required?

Only 3.5 ml of antibody is required for a miniblot.

How do I switch between mini and midi size gels or blots?

The BlotBot comes with separate trays sized for mini and midi blots and gels. Model 248 also comes with trays for strip blots. Simply use the appropriate tray and set the blotsize in the program.

What happens at the end of the final wash step?

After the programmed duration of the final wash step, the rocking continues with the wash buffer in the tray(s).

What was the change in trays in 2019? Can newer trays fit in older BlotBots?

In 2019 we revised the trays and the tray holder to accommodate slightly wider blots (from 8 cm to 8.7 cm). Below is an image showing the differences. Older BlotBots can be retrofitted to handle wider blots by replacing the tray holder and trays with the newer items.
Important Tray Differences

How many trays can the BlotBot run at once?

The BlotBot 120 can run 1 midi or 2 mini blots or gels at a time. The BlotBot 240 can run 2 midi or 4 mini blots or gels at a time. The BlotBot 248 can run 2 midi or 4 mini blots or gels or 8 strips at a time.

Do all the trays follow the same protocol?

Different reagents can be dispensed and collected from each blot or gel, however, the timing of each step and the volume of buffer in each wash step will be the same.

Can I dispense and recover different antibodies into each tray?

Yes, you can dispense different reagents for each blot, and the reagents can be recovered separately.

Can I reuse the reagent tubes?

You can either use a new reagent tube (RRVR-100 pack of 100 or RRVR-500 pack of 500) or replace the foil seal (RVRFL, pack of 200). If you are using a different antibody, we highly recommend using a new tube. If you are using the same antibody that was previously used in the reagent tube, and you want to save money you can replace the foil seal.

How do I replace the foil seal on a reagent tube?

To replace the foil seal, first completely remove the previous seal and make sure that the surface is completely clean and without cuts or nicks. Next, place a new seal on the bottom of the reagent tube and apply firm pressure all around. This process requires care to ensure that the seals do not leak. For more information, download the instructions for this process here.


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