Next Advance, Inc. announces the Bullet Blender® Blue. Based on the same patented technology as its predecessor, the Bullet Blender®, it gently and effectively breaks cell membranes and/or homogenizes tissue samples, in up to 24 sealed microcentrifuge tubes in parallel. This new model is called “BLUE” because it uses Air Cooling™ to keep the samples even cooler during processing, especially when processing multiple rounds of samples. Because it processes multiple samples in parallel, in just minutes, results are consistent, reproducible, and cost effective. The processing can be tailored to a wide range of samples, from cell cultures to tough tissue such as leaves, hair, and cartilage, by using different beads, agitation settings, and durations. It is also convenient for vortexing multiple samples for several minutes, such as for phenol chloroform extractions. About as loud as a coffee grinder, it runs much quieter than a sonicator. Samples remain in separate sealed tubes, without any intrusive probes that could contaminate your samples. Its ease of use and price make the Bullet Blender® Blue an easy choice for mixing, cell lysis or homogenization!
Next Advance announces the SP300 infusion only programmable syringe pump.   The SP300 is based upon the SP1000 model, which has been in production for over a decade.  This new model is priced to compete with competitive pumps on price, yet it retains many of the outstanding features of the SP1000.
Next Advance announces the Freedom Rocker™ Deluxe for consistent results. This programmable model comes in both 2 and 4 tray models. The Freedom Rocker has already demonstrated popularity with customers, particularly those in pharma. Users can program this new model for the entire series of reagent and wash cycles for processing Westerns, including recovering antibodies and clearing rinses, the number and duration of wash cycles, the duration of reagent steps, and the speed of rocking at each step. Reagent steps can use as little as 10 mL per tray.
Next Advance announces integrated stirrers with their pressure cells. The PC77-MAG and PC8500-MAG are ideal for keeping particles in suspensions from conglomerating during the process of packing capillaries.  The magnetic stirring speed is adjustable and by integrating the stirplate with the pressure injection cell, the alignment of the stirrer is guaranteed.  The pressure injection cells are now available in 4 models, standard and extra high pressure, with and without the integrated stirplates.
Next Advance announces the PC8500 Pressure Injection Cell, rated for pressures up to 8500 psi. The PC8500 is similar to the standard pressure injection cell, with components rated for higher pressures, useful for packing longer columns.
The Bullet Blender® uses a new patented technology to gently and effectively break cell membranes or tissue samples. A versatile instrument, it provides timed control with 11 speeds of operation for your different samples. The unit operates much more quietly than a sonicator. At the highest speed, it is about as loud as a coffee grinder. Samples are completely isolated from the mechanical mechanism, preventing cross-contamination. Up to 24 samples can be processed at the same time, increasing laboratory efficiency and standardizing sample treatment at the same time. Its ease of use and price make the Bullet Blender® an easy choice for your cell lysis or homogenization!
Next Advance announces the FRSK42 Freedom Rocker™ with 4 tray capability. With double the capacity of the older model, sales are expected to climb even faster.
Next Advance announces the Next Rocker.  Designed to be rugged and quiet, the tilt angle on these laboratory platform rockers is easily adjustable up to 18 degrees.  The speed can be adjusted up to 80 cycles per minute.  And the high quality motor is vibration isolated for quiet operation.    These rockers are suited for continuous or occasional use at room temperature or in cold rooms.
Next Advance, Inc. announces the Freedom Rocker™. Put an end to babysitting your Southern, Northern, and Western blots, as well as immunofluorescence and in-situ hybridization slides. Protocols can proceed even people are working on other tasks. This quiet, self-contained laboratory rocker has a peristaltic pump to automatically transfer liquids into and out of trays on the rocker platform without the need for vacuum or gas connections. Other benefits include a compact design which uses only 10 inches of bench space, an intuitive user interface, a clearing rinse between washes for superior results, and the ability to recover expensive reagents, such as antibodies or stains. In manual mode, the Freedom Rocker™ rocks, aspirates, and dispenses liquids at the touch of a button.
Next Advance announce the PC77 Pressure Injection Cell for packing capillaries and loading samples for LC/MS.  The Pressure Injection Cell allows you to avoid sample transfers and metallic surfaces, and customers get better results.  Packing your own capillary columns enables you to save money and customize your columns.
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