Bullet Blender® Protocols

Our experienced staff of molecular biologists have worked to provide you with a set of optimized protocols for the homogenization of various tissue, cell types, and organisms so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time getting results.

All of our currently available protocols are listed below. Please read the General Guidelines before using the Bullet Blender® in any application.

For helpful suggestions, download our User Guide. It contains instructions on using the Bullet Blender, preparing samples including procedures for special cases, bead selection, and special considerations.

If you need help developing an assay with the Bullet Blender, feel free to e-mail our tech support at support@NextAdvance.com and we’ll do our best to assist you.

If you have developed a protocol with the Bullet Blender that is not listed on this page, or you have developed a protocol that works better for certain applications, please share it with everyone! E-mail it to us at support@NextAdvance.com or send it using our support form and we’ll review it and add it to our list of protocols. Don’t worry – we’ll acknowledge you for it! Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: The protocols used with the Bullet Blender are different than protocols used with other bead-mill homogenizers. If you previously used another product, please be sure not to use its protocols with the Bullet Blender, as you will very likely experience different results.

Does the protocol use a different kind of bead than the type you currently have? Click here for pricing and ordering.

Bullet Blender Protocols


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