Quietek Calibration & Service

The Quietek™ is a robust instrument. Its precision should not vary significantly over time, however, periodic calibration ensures proper operation such that it meets or exceeds the ethical and quality standards of your animal use program. The Quietek is not serviceable by anyone other than Next Advance certified technicians. The software is integrally coupled to the hardware. Modification of any components may render the instrument inaccurate and will void any warranty.

Next Advance continuously strives to provide industry leading solutions to researchers in the life sciences. We regularly identify and make modifications to our products to improve functionality and operation. The Quietek calibration service will provide you with the latest software update, will include repair and replacement of worn parts (misuse or abuse is not covered), and will submit your Quietek to our vigorous testing procedure, thereby ensuring that the Quietek is fully compliant when it leaves our facility.

Any custom program requirements you wish to have can likely be included as well. If you have custom flow requirements we can incorporate those as part of this service.

Note that for calibration or any other service, you must clean your Quietek and certify that it has been decontaminated. A step-by-step guide for getting an instrument calibrated can be found here. Please contact us before shipping the Quietek or if you have any questions.