Quietek Models

Quietek 1
Quietek XL
Quietek 2
One-touch operation. Just press “Start” Button. check check check
Key lockout to prevent tampering with controls check check check
Adjustable flow rate from 30 – 70% chamber volume/min. Custom flow rates available check check check
For the euthanasia of mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, degus and cotton rats check check check
Cage or chamber size to be controlled 1 cage, 2 – 25 L 1 cage, 12.5 – 140 L 2 cages, 2 – 25 L
Dual settings for two different cage or chamber volumes check check
Has CE Mark check check check
Dual port system to 2 separate chambers check

All of our models can switch between 2 cage/chamber sizes, for example, if a lab works with mice and rats or 2 different size mouse cages.

Contact us about custom models.

Quietek models are designed for different sizes and numbers of cages. The Quietek 1 is suitable for cages between 2 and 25 liters in volume, and can be used with one chamber at a time. For larger chamber sizes (up to 140 liters), we offer the Quietek XL.

Not sure which model to choose? Try our handy Cage Volume Calculator.