Guidelines By Country

International Guidelines

Now you can ensure that your laboratory rodents are humanely euthanized without disrupting your laboratory workflow. Introducing the Quietek™, the affordable, fully-automated device specifically designed by us to ensure compliance with strict international guidelines.

United States: “An optimal flow rate for CO2 euthanasia systems should displace 30% to 70% of the chamber or cage volume/min. Prefilled chambers are unacceptable.” 2020 AVMA Guidelines (pg. 49)

Canada: “…a gradual-fill rate of less than 30% and greater than 20% of the chamber volume per minute should be used.” CCAC Guidelines on: Euthanasia of Animals Used in Science (pg. 19)

United Kingdom: “Exposure to carbon dioxide gas in a rising concentration: appropriate for rodents and rabbits and birds up to 1.5kg…a controllable, metered source of carbon dioxide gas should be used.” The Humane Killing of Animals under Schedule 1 to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (pg. 6)

European Union: “Only to be used in gradual fill.” Official Journal of the European Union (pg. 72, 73)

Australia: “a gradual fill of the chamber with 100% CO2 at a rate to fill 20% of the chamber volume per minute was agreed as good practice” Guidelines to Promote the Well-being of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (pg. H3)