Quietek Calibration

Step-by-step Calibration Guide

If you have an older Quietek™ set to comply with the the 2013 AVMA recommendations (10 – 30% cage volume / minute), we can update the program to use the currently recommended flow rates (30 – 70% cage volume / minute). We will do this at no charge when requested as part of a calibration service. You should note that there will be an adjustment to the usable cage volumes if this change is made to the flow rate. After the program update, a Quietek e, Quietek 1 or Quietek 2 will allow you to set the cage volume to 2 – 25 Liters. A Quietek XL will allow you to set the cage volume to 12.5 – 140 Liters.

The calibration service will include any necessary repairs to bring the instrument up to full working condition. If there was any misuse or abuse of the instrument, then the additional repairs may incur an additional charge. We will reach out to you after evaluating the instrument if this is the case (additional charges are extremely rare).

To get your instrument calibrated, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Print and complete the Decontamination Form. Please do your best to ensure the Quietek is safe for our technicians to handle. While we do our best to clean the instrument upon arrival, you know your hazards best.
  2. Email the completed form to us. If you would like a quote, please let us know.
  3. We will send you back an RMA # for you to reference on your shipping label.
  4. Please submit payment for the calibration (either by web, phone or purchase order). We will not return the calibrated instrument until we receive payment.
  5. Pack your instrument for shipping. Please pack the instrument in a way so that no damage occurs during shipping. We will not be responsible for poorly packed shipments. All you need to send is the instrument and the decontamination form (we don’t need the manual, past calibration records, key or power supply). If you think there is an issue with the power supply you can send it and we will evaluate it.
  6. You can ship your instrument to us at:

Next Advance

Attn: Calibrations (RMA# {insert your RMA number here})

2113 NY-7

Troy, NY 12180

We know the Quietek is an important piece of equipment to keep your operation running smoothly and will service it quickly (1-2 days in most cases). As soon as the service is complete and payment is received, we will ship the instrument back to you and notify you of the tracking number. If you ever have any questions regarding this process or your calibration status, feel free to contact us.


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