RoboRocker Features

Fully Programmable cycle to run and pause at up to 4 tilt positions.

RoboRocker™ is designed for use in CO2 incubators.

Platforms for your needs.

Other Features:

Note that you can program the RoboRocker to very slowly increase the tilt angle during the “pause” period, to maintain the height difference of your culture medium between the inlet and outlet reservoirs, and thus maintain a fairly constant flow rate of medium past the cell culture. 
Features on Standard (RR212) and Advanced (RR214) models

Asymmetric rocking, The RoboRocker RR212 standard model and the RR214 advanced model, enable special flow conditions.

Selecting a stored program in the RoboRocker

Stored Programs. The standard models can save up to 3 programs. The advanced models can save up to 6 programs.

Maintain constant flow rates for extended periods of time. Use the slow motion feature to increase the tilt angle at a rate of one degree every few minutes or hours to compensate for less volume in reservoir with time.

Features on Advanced (RR214) models

Create pulsatile flow of culture medium to mimic in vivo conditions. Pulsatile rocking in the advanced RoboRockers causes pulsatile flow of the culture medium.

Scheduling. The advanced models allow you to schedule programs, so that as your culture advances to the next stage, you can have different flow conditions.

Models with Special Features

High Shear Flow. The High Speed RoboRocker RR750 series can travel at high speeds. It can burst to the desired angle. This is useful if you want high shear flow immediately, rather than “using up” culture medium while the culture plate is traveling to the steep angle.

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