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RoboRocker Features

  • Programmable cycle to run and pause at up to 4 tilt positions
    • Each tilt position can be up to ±30°
    • Travel rate programmable from 5 degrees per second (0.2 seconds per degree) to incredibly slowly at 5 hours per degree
    • Pause, programmable, at each position from 0 seconds (no pause) to 24 hours
    • Can maintain near constant flow rate in microfluidic channels using very slow travel rate to compensate for decreasing height difference between reservoirs
  • Platform sizes (the well plate docks or guides can be removed so the platforms can hold other labware):
    • 8 x 11 inches (20 x 28 cm). 4 well plate docks in a 2 x 2 array.
    • 11.5 x 11.5 (29 x 29 cm). 6 well plate docks in a 3 x 2 array.
  • Well plates can be stacked. E.g. a 6 dock platform can hold 24 well plates (or culture cartridges, if they are stacked 4 high
  • Platform can be rotated, so that your culture cartridges tilt along their length or along their width.
  • Stacking trays are available to double the capacity
  • Color touch screen user interface
  • Platforms have a textured rubber mat. The mat can be removed.
  • Can use in cold rooms and incubators, 4°C to 40°C (avoid condensation)
  • Resistant to CO2 environments up to 10%.
  • CE certified
  • 24 volt power supply – works with wall outlets worldwide
  • 1 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Note that you can program the RoboRocker to very slowly increase the tilt angle during the “pause” period, to maintain the height difference of your culture medium between the inlet and outlet reservoirs, and thus maintain a fairly constant flow rate of medium past the cell culture. 

You can mount the platform (and optional stacking tray) so that your culture cartridges tilt along their length or along their width. 
RoboRocker with the 2 x 2 platform assembled for cartridges to rock lengthwise
RoboRocker with the platform assembled for cartridges to rock along their width
Display shows the status, including: the current step in the program; the tilt angle; elapsed pause time; and the number of cycles completed.
RoboRocker with the 3 x 2 platform and stacking tray.