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RoboRocker FAQs


Will the RoboRocker™ work with different voltages (in different countries)?

Yes. The RoboRocker uses 24V DC supplied by a small external power supply that plugs into a wall outlet. Next Advance will supply the appropriate power supply for the local power and wall outlet configuration.

How many well plates can the RoboRocker hold?

Well plates can be stacked. For example, the RoboRocker that has places for 4 well plates can hold 16 if they are stacked 4 high.

How many levels of stacking trays can be used?

Stacking trays can be added and removed by our customers. One stacking tray for a second level is common. Two stacking trays for a second and third level is possible, although make sure you have additional clearance on both sides of the rocker.

Can the RoboRocker hold labware other than well plates?

Yes, the well plate partition guide can be removed.

What is the maximum load?

The RoboRocker is designed to be used with well plates and light loads.

What is the range for the tilt angle?

The platform can tilt as much as ±30°.

What is the rocking rate?

The RoboRocker is designed for tilt angle control, not for rocking quickly. Please look at our Infinity Rocker.

Can I use these rockers in incubators or cold rooms?

Our rockers can operate in incubators or cold rooms (down to 4°C) if the temperature is kept constant and the humidity is not excessive. Temperature swings which cause condensation will damage the electronics and void the warranty.


Can I clean the rubber mat?

Yes. You can remove the rubber mat from the platform and clean it with soap and water. Let it dry before placing it back on the platform.