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Why use RINO® tubes?

RINO tubes have a screw-cap so they seal more tightly and provide an extra layer of protection against sample loss. In the caps there is a circular rubber ridge that seals against the top of the tubes, to prevent the release of aerosols that may form during homogenization.

What model Bullet Blenders can I use with RINO® tubes?

All BB24-AU (Gold) models and newer BBY24M (Storm) models with a serial number starting with “BBY24MR” are designed to homogenize samples in both RINO tubes and Eppendorf® Safe-Lock™ tubes. BBY24M models purchased prior to 2/1/2013 may require a factory adjustment to work with RINO tubes. If you have an older model that you would like to work with RINO tubes, please call us at +1 (518) 674 3510 or email us at [email protected] for instructions. DO NOT use RINO tubes in BBX model Bullet Blenders or screw-cap model Bullet Blenders that use TUBE1.5AX-S (BBX24W or BBX24BW).

What do I need to use RINO® tubes?

To use RINO tubes, you need to have a RINO lid gasket installed in your Bullet Blender®. All  BBY24M and BB24-AU model homogenizers will now arrive with a labeled RINO lid gasket. These instruments will still come with a labeled Eppendorf® gasket installed so you have the option of using Safe-Lock™ tubes. For customers who only have an Eppendorf® gasket, we will provide the replacement lid gasket free of charge with the first order of RINO tubes or kits for a limited time. Please contact customer support to request a RINO gasket.

How do I change the gasket on my Bullet Blender?

Switching back and forth between lid gaskets is easy – just remove the three screws with a Phillips head screwdriver and gently lift off the gasket.  Place the second gasket in the correct orientation on the lid and insert the screws. Do not over-tighten the screws when installing a gasket.

Can I get Bead Lysis Kits in RINO® tubes?

Yes you can! Please see our Bead Lysis Kit page for details.

What protocols should I use for RINO® tubes?

Our online protocols work with either tube type: Eppendorf or RINO.

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