Checkit® Go Features

  • Accurate. 5, 10, 20 and 50 μL models are guaranteed to be within 2% accuracy. The new 1 and 2 μL models are guaranteed to be within 3% accuracy.
  • Individually inspected. Every 5, 10, 20 and 50 μL cartridge is individually inspected with NIST traceable calibrated instrumentation.
  • Individual Certificates of Accuracy available for every 5, 10, 20 and 50 μL cartridge.
  • Simple, user friendly operation. No training required.
  • Works with all robots that handle well plates and with all brands of manual and electronic single and multi-channel pipettes
  • Measure 8 channels simultaneously
  • Easy to read markings indicate the dispensed liquid volumes
  • Checkit Recorder and App available to document measurements.
  • Available in several models to measure different dispense volumes
  • Dye is included with each cartridge. Lyophilized dye pellets available, enabling the Checkit Go to measure dispensed volumes of actual sample solutions to account for viscosity and surface tension.
  • Minimal evaporation of dye for more accurate results
  • Elegant design
  • Works with solutions containing high DMSO concentration (SLAS 2023 Final Poster)
  • Labware definitions available for most major brands of liquid handlers, and its microplate design enables seamless programming if needed (see dimensions)
  • Made in the USA
Checkit Go compatibility with various sample liquids
Checkit Go Models Up to 80% DMSO Up to 80% Ethanol Up to 80% Glycerol Up to 100% Serum Up to 100% Plasma
Checkit Go 5 μL
Checkit Go 10 μL
Checkit Go 20 μL
Checkit Go 50 μL
Customer Contributions: up to 38% PEG–8000 in H2O has been confirmed to be compatible with Checkit Go 5 μL

Checkit Go is engineered for liquid handling robots or multi-channel pipettes.

It instantly verifies the accuracy of up to 8 channels simultaneously!

Works well with robots…

…and multi-channel pipettes.

Watch this video to see how everyone is using Checkit Go!

See more videos of the Checkit Go on various automated liquid handler robots.

Checkit Go Models & Accessories

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