Checkit® Go Models

The Checkit Go cartridges come in several models to cover dispense volume ranges from 0.5 to 50 µL. Each cartridge comes with a distilled water dye solution. You can use the Checkit Go with most sample liquids. To visualize the liquid, suspend our lyophilized dye pellet in your sample. Each model can be used for a range of volume tests, from 50% of the nominal volume to the nominal volume.
Checkit Go models and ranges
Model Range
1 µL 0.5 – 1 µL
2 µL 1 – 2 µL
5 µL 2.5 – 5 µL
10 µL 5 – 10 µL
20 µL 10 – 20 µL
50 µL 25 – 50 µL
To record the results of your test, use our Checkit Recorder or the Recorder App. It can display the test results on its screen and you can download the results and a report just as you would download photos from a cell phone.

We also have a family of Checkits for singe channel pipettes.

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