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Checkit® Go Labware Definitions

We have a list, below, of labware definitions and liquid classes, supplied by robot manufacturers. This list is rapidly growing. We also have an interface drawing showing the dimensions of the Checkit® Go to help you program your robot if a labware definition has not been created yet.

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like help. +1 518 674 3510 or [email protected]

Interface drawing

Click for the interface drawing with dimensions of the Checkit Go, to help you program your robot, if a labware definition is not available yet.

The Labware definitions below are not updated to be used with Checkit Go 02 – will be updated soon!

Labware definitions

Art Robbins Instruments

Download the .zip file (has instructions, protocol and labware definitions) to validate Scorpion using Checkit Go.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

A step-by-step guide for creating the Next Advance Checkit Go labware definition for your Biomek i-Series Automated Liquid Handler.


They ask that you contact them directly for the labware definition. Contact their customer support team at [email protected]


To use Checkit with Formulatrix liquid handlers, the manufacturer recommends to use a standard SBS 96-well plate definition with the height set to 22.64mm. Run a protocol to aspirate the dye from column 1 and dispense to column 12 and flip the tab to validate the pipetting accuracy.

Genie Life Sciences

Labware definitions for the Checkit Go can be found in customer accounts for all Genie liquid handlers. See this video to find what the labware and operation will look like.


Note: use a separate reservoir or plate to draw liquid for the Microlab Prep.


PerkinElmer / Revvity

Download these .lab files and save them to C:\Packard\Janus\Labware Files folder location to use them in WinPREP.


Download the .zeia lab file and import it into FluentControl™.

Other brands coming soon