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Checkit Go Resources

We have a list, below, of labware definitions and liquid classes, supplied by robot manufacturers. This list is rapidly growing. We also have an interface drawing showing the dimensions of the Checkit® Go to help you program your robot if a labware definition has not been created yet. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like help. +1 518 674 3510 or [email protected]

Interface drawing

Click for the interface drawing with dimensions of the Checkit Go, to help you program your robot, if a labware definition is not available yet.

Labware definitions


They ask that you contact them directly for the labware definition. Contact their customer support team at [email protected]



Coming very soon


Download these .lab files and save them to C:\Packard\Janus\Labware Files folder location to use them in WinPrep.

Other brands coming soon


Watch an example of a Checkit being used on an Opentrons robot.