Infinity Rocker Models

Platforms Stacking Tray
(sold separately)
Available Speeds
Max Load
Infinity Rocker™ Pro
IR101 Pro
11 x 14 in.
(28 x 36 cm)
Tier-2 Stacking Tray Pro
0.1 – 80 11 lb.
(5 kg)
Infinity Rocker™ Mini
IR102 Mini
8 x 9 in.
(20 x 23 cm)
Tier-2 Stacking Tray Mini
0.1 – 80 11 lb.
(5 kg)


Power: 12V DC
Tilt Angle: 1 to 18 degrees (all models are adjustable)
Temperature range 4°C to 40°C (warning: rapid temperature changes may cause condensation and void the warranty). The Infinity Rocker may be used in a CO2 incubator.
Mats: Textured neoprene rubber

Infinity Rockers – Long-life, Digital Speed Control

Stacking Trays


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